Mar 11, 2019 // Merrin Duhe

Bachelor Party Guide to Austin, Texas

Planning a bachelor party is not an easy feat. The group will include unique individuals with different ideas of a “good time”. Finding the perfect balance is key to a successful bachelor party trip! The good news is, Austin Texas has endless options that everyone can enjoy! Here is our list of the top 5 activities for your Austin bachelor party.

Air BnB in East Austin!

  • Austin has tons of options for places to stay! Luckily, most downtown hotels and Air BnB’s on the outskirts are close to the action. If you have a larger group, we suggest finding an Air BnB on the East Side. This is the cheapest option for larger groups and it allows you to have privacy while also being close to many bars, food spots, and local legends! This suggestion caters to larger bachelor parties and those who want a living space where they can cook, hang out, and also sleep. The East Side of Austin is the most desirable location because of its close proximity to downtown as well as the bar districts on E. 6th street and quirky restaurants! Fun times are found around every corner in this hip part of town.


PubCrawler of Austin

  • Grab your boys and take off on a bar on wheels! Pedal from bar to bar while you sip on your favorite brews. PubCrawler of Austin is an iconic way to view the city on an excursion you will never forget. There is nothing like cruising through the streets of downtown Austin on a party bike! Pubcrawler of Austin can accommodate both small and large groups, making it perfect for bachelor parties. During the 2 hour tour, you will pedal, drink, and laugh. PubCrawler of Austin is perfect for all bachelor parties! It’s a great way to see the sights of downtown while also exploring some of our favorite local bars and food stops. Make sure to bring your favorite drinks along because Pubcrawler of Austin is BYOB! Tours start in west downtown Austin and weave through the streets of downtown, stopping at the iconic West 6th Street bar district. Private tours are priced at $449 and public tours are priced at $42 per person.
pubcrawler of austin bachelor party pub crawl

Banger’s Sausage House and Beer Garden!

  • Banger’s was built for big groups who want lunch and drinks while simultaneously enjoying live music! They serve a range of sausages and sides that pair perfectly with their 100+ beers on tap and giant mimosas. This spot is perfect for bachelor parties that want to eat and start drinking early! It is the perfect spot to day drink, especially because of the iconic location. Banger’s is located on the famous Rainey Street! It is a bar district in downtown Austin where you can find quirky bars and unique beverages to get the party started. After you are done at Banger’s, mosey down Rainey Street to find the next location to keep the party going.

bachelor party ideas in austin texas*Image courtesy of Banger’s Sausage House & Beer Garden*

The Ranch Bar (West 6th Street)

  • This bar is basically the headquarters for bachelor parties in Austin. It includes multiple stories, dance floors, and bars that will keep the experience interesting. Here you will always find a dance party and the multiple bars make it easy and quick to grab a new drink. At the Ranch, you can also book VIP seating and bottle service! The Ranch caters to those bachelor parties who want a taste of a Texas ‘club’ scene. The giant rooftop dance floor is perfect for mingling and getting down with your crew. The Ranch is located on West 6th street! This makes it the perfect stop during your bar hopping journey down the West 6th Street bar district.

the ranch austin texas bachelor party activities*Image courtesy of The Ranch*

Whisler’s (Austin East Side)

  • This local favorite has become a favorite for bachelor parties looking for a low-key night. Though it used to be a more local gem, bachelor parties have seemed to find a good time enjoying great cocktails and the hidden Mezcal bar upstairs. This caters to the hipster bachelor parties that enjoy a more classy evening. You will not hear them play the new rap hits or receive any bottle service here. But you will find the incredible space inviting and unlike any bar you’ve been to before. Whisler’s is located East of downtown Austin on the East 6th bar district. Other cool bars are located right next door and once you pass I-35, you are back on Dirty 6th.

whisler's austin texas bachelor party ideas*Image courtesy of Whisler’s*


As you can see, Austin is the perfect destination for each individual in your bachelor party! The small city makes it easy to get around from one bar district to another which will keep the experience exciting and memorable. We hope this guide makes your Austin bachelor party planning process a little easier!

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