Feb 04, 2019 // Merrin Duhe

Best Photo Ops in and Around Austin, Texas

Are you looking for the best views in Austin to snap a memorable photo? The city is crawling with iconic Austin landmarks, skyline views, famous murals, and opportunities for unique photographs around every corner. Whether you are looking for Austin skyline photos, historical architecture, or a panorama of the city, you are sure to find what you are looking for on this list. Here are our 5 favorite photo ops around Austin, Texas!

Greetings from Austin Mural

This iconic Austin mural, located on South 1st street, is a destination for many who want to remember their time in Austin with a unique photo. You can send a beautiful ‘Greeting from Austin’ to all of your friends across the world!  The ‘Greetings from Austin mural’ was painted by Todd Sanders back in 1998 and since then has been restored to look as vibrant as ever. This mural is special because it was inspired by a 1940s postcard and depicts many Austin landmarks like Barton Springs, UT Tower, and Congress Ave bridge. The mural is located on the corner of Annie Street and South 1st Street. In order to get the entire mural in your shot, you will need to step onto Annie Street. Be mindful of cars and be respectful of the locals who live right next door!

austin texas mural
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The Top of Mount Bonnell

Looking for the best views in Austin? Hike up to the top of Mount Bonnell to reach the highest point in Austin that offers the most incredible vantage points of the city. Here you can see Austins ever-changing skyline and the rolling hills of Texas. It is a breath of fresh air at the top of Mount Bonnell, especially during sunset! There will be tourists, locals, couples, exercise enthusiasts, and families alike on top of Mount Bonnell all wanting to share beautiful panoramic views of Austin. From MoPac Expressway, take the exit towards 35th street. You will go left at the fork onto Bull Creek Road, then turn right on Mount Bonnell Road. Parking is free and pups are allowed!

mount bonnell
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PubCrawler of Austin

Another iconic Austin treat is PubCrawler of Austin. Grab your friends and your favorite drinks to sip on while you pedal on a party bike down the streets of downtown Austin! Don’t forget your camera, there will be numerous photo ops along the way. This tour is so special because of all of the incredible views you will have during the trip. You won’t want to miss out on the numerous murals, skyline shots, views of the capitol, and your friends having the time of their life. You can book a 2 hour public or private tour on Pubcrawler of Austin’s website. There are 2 different route options that will take you to iconic bars, eateries, and photo ops along the way!

pubcrawler of austin

Texas State Capitol

If you are a history buff or love photos of historical monuments, making a trip to the Texas State Capitol will be the best spot to get that perfect shot! The architecture is incredible, and yes, it is taller than the one in D.C. This location is so special not only because of its importance but because of its beauty. The sunset red granite gives the building a pink tint which is surrounded by the beautiful green grass making it the perfect place to snap a photo. The Texas State Capitol is located at the end of Congress Ave. If you keep going north on Congress, you can’t miss it! There is a parking garage on E. 12 and San Jacinto Blvd that allows free parking for the first 2 hours.

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Auditorium Shores

If you are looking for the best Austin skyline photo ops, Auditorium Shores is the spot for you! Austin’s skyline is always growing and changing. The new additions to the downtown area are making it more beautiful than ever. The best spot to view the incredible skyline is on the south side of Lady Bird Lake at Auditorium Shores. This location is often used for outdoor concerts, festivals, and other local events. It’s a great open space to bring your dog, picnic, or even exercise! The Stevie Ray Vaughan Memorial statue, an iconic Austin landmark, is also located here along the south bank of Lady Bird Lake. The best time to go is during sunset when the pink Texas skies shine onto the reflective glass skyscraper windows. Auditorium Shores is located on Riverside Dr. with numerous different free parking areas. The biggest lot is right under the South 1st bridge.

auditorium shores austin texas photo
* Image courtesy of Auditorium Shores*

As you have learned, there are many Austin landmarks and views to remember your time in the Capitol of Texas. Our city is so unique and we want to share it with you! We hope you will follow our list of the Best Photo Ops in Austin, Texas so you can experience all of the beauty this city has to offer for yourself.

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