Aug 31, 2018 // Devin Popper

Everything You Need to Know About Tailgating at a University of Texas Longhorn Game

There’s no tailgate like a University of Texas at Austin tailgate! Make sure to wear your cowboy boots, burnt orange polos, and be ready to cheer on our Longhorns. Looking for a one of a kind way to experience the action that the University of Texas tailgate has to offer? Pedaling through the party, beer in hand, in your own private parade on the PubCrawler is the most unique way to tailgate. Longhorn football and PubCrawler of Austin bike bars are a great tailgate combination.

pubcrawler of austin university of texas tailgate tour

What You Need to Know Before Getting to the University of Texas Longhorn Tailgate

  •   When can/should you arrive at the tailgate?
    • Some people arrive up to 6 hours before the game! However, we believe getting to the tailgate 3-4 hours before kickoff is the perfect window of time to be able to drink, socialize, and eat some food before the big game.
  •   Where can you park?
    • Parking is not easy near the University of Texas campus during Longhorn game days. We suggest using a rideshare app or carpooling with friends or family. Also, depending on where your UT tailgate party is located, there are usually parking garages nearby.
  •   How many people attend these tailgates/games?
    •  Each Longhorn tailgate is different. Some tailgates have up to 150 people in attendance, while others may only have 15. However, the games are packed as Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium can fit up to 100,110 people!
  •   Is there a strict open container policy?
    • Open containers are allowed as long as you’re in a tailgating zone. Just be responsible and know where you can and cannot have an open container and you’ll be just fine.
  •   Is it kid friendly?
    • Yes! Some crowds get rowdier than others, but parents usually bring their kids to play Cornhole, Ping-Pong, or toss around the old pigskin before the game kicks off!
  •   What should you wear?
    • Burnt orange is a must! Women usually wear sundresses and cowgirl boots. Men usually sport jeans, cowboy boots, and their favorite University of Texas polo shirt.
  •   How much booze should you bring? Is it even allowed?
    • It is allowed in the tailgating zone! There is usually booze provided by whoever is hosting your tailgate party, so if you’re the one hosting the tailgate make sure you bring plenty for everyone to drink or tell your friends to bring their own booze.
  •   Can you bring speakers?
    • Yes, speakers are allowed, but do everyone a favor and leave the megaphones at home!
  •   Should you check the weather?
    • Absolutely. Dress accordingly and prepare for whatever weather could happen. You’ll be outside for a while!
  •   Is there anything you shouldn’t wear?
    • Nothing too fancy or clothing that’s too warm or not warm enough, depending on the season.
  •   What are the other tailgaters and fans like?
    • Friendly, fanatic, excited, overly optimistic, loud, drunk, fun, respectful. You’ll find all walks of life at the Longhorn tailgates, just make sure you stay around a group that best fits the experience you want to have.
  •   Is there food for sale at the tailgate?
    • Groups usually pack and bring their own food to each tailgate party, be sure to bring plenty of food for everyone and expect for some of it to get dropped on the ground or on your shirt!
  •   Is there access to water at the tailgate or should you bring your own?
    • Your tailgate party group should bring their own water! It’s very important to stay hydrated while drinking, especially out in the heat. Trust us, it gets HOT!
university of texas austin pubcrawler tailgate tour longhorns

What to Know Once You’ve Arrived at The University of Texas Longhorn Tailgate

  • Where can you use the bathroom?
    • There are many designated porta-potties, just be on the lookout and you’ll definitely find one!
  •   Will there be out of control people? How should you deal with them?
    • Yes, there will be overly intoxicated fans at the game. Try your best to avoid them and report them to authorities if they get too unruly or aggressive.
  •   Are there any team fight songs/chants that are must-knows?

Some of our favorite memories of the University of Texas at Austin sports are at tailgates. Drink appropriately because if you’re going to the game, it’s a long day and it can get very hot outside. They also now sell adult beverages at the stadium. But always remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint!

pubcrawler of austin university of texas tailgating tour

Tailgating the University of Texas Longhorn Football Game On The PubCrawler of Austin

  • What makes tailgating on the PubCrawler of Austin better than a regular tailgate?
    • You get to be mobile and show off your spirit to everyone!
  • Can you decorate the PubCrawler for the University of Texas Tailgating route?
    • You are welcome to attach banners and flags to personalize your pedal-powered tailgate.
  • Where does the PubCrawler tailgate route go?
    • Our bike bars tour the tailgate areas near the stadium, so you’ll be right in the action!
  • Who is the PubCrawler University of Texas tailgate route best suited for?
    • Any University of Texas Longhorn fan’s over 21 years of age looking for the most unique UT tailgating experience around!

The University of Texas is the heartbeat of Austin. On game days, the city comes alive to cheer on our favorite team, the Longhorns. Join us on a UT tailgate PubCrawler of Austin tour to have the most unique tailgating experience Texas has to offer.

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