PubCrawler of Austin!

Jul 26, 2018 // Sophie Ross for

All the Cities You Can Book a “Bar on Wheels” for Your Bachelorette Party

Want to get some exercise and drink with your besties—at the same time? Of course you do. If you’ve noticed a new trend sweeping the nation—and more specifically, the bachelor and bachelorette party scene—you’re not alone. Bars on wheels or “pedal pub party bikes” seem to be ubiquitous lately. Who doesn’t want to ride around… read more »

Nov 04, 2011 // Lee Nichols for

By Land and by Sea: Two new experiences for drinkers on the go

On the other hand, it’s pretty clear where PubCrawler of Austin will take you – it’ll either steer you along a preplanned route or one that you customize, hitting a variety of Downtown drinking establishments. And whereas Bats & Beers ultimately seems driven by a noble purpose, PubCrawler just steers you toward silliness and a… read more »

Jan 28, 2011 // Andrea Leptinsky for Community Impact Newspaper

New venture offers ‘pub on wheels’

One of Austin’s newest mobile entertainment operations is bringing recreation, socializing, and food and drink into one outfit that rarely stands still. PubCrawler of Austin, launched in 2010, fits up to 10 passengers who help pedal the bicycle-type vehicle down Austin streets, moving up to a speed of 5 miles per hour. Two other passengers… read more »

Nov 23, 2010 // unlisted for

The Pub Hits the Road

It sounds like the wackiest idea ever: A bar on wheels powered by brew-pounding pedalers. Entrepreneurs: Eric Olson and Al Boyce, dedicated home brewers with day jobs–Olson teaches business at Normandale Community College in Bloomington, Minn., and Boyce is a computer programmer for U.S. Bank in St. Paul, Minn. What Possessed Them: A fellow home… read more »

Sep 27, 2010 // Leslie Brenner for

PubCrawlers pedal through Austin

The newest mobile unit on Austin’s food and drink scene isn’t a trailer. It’s more like a beer-powered streetcar – a pub-on-wheels, if you will. PubCrawler, which started plying the city’s streets in mid-July, isn’t literally powered by beer, but rather by the pedaling of 10 beer-drinking (or wine-sipping) passengers. They’re served by another passenger… read more »

Aug 25, 2010 // Suzanne VanRandwyk for

Pub Crawler of Austin

Keep Austin Weird! How many times have we seen this slogan on signs, in windows on bumpers? I don’t know if I believe that Austin truly IS weird or just uniquely charming. But the Pub Crawler of Austin fits the bill, either way! A few weeks ago, I was driving down Sixth Street with my… read more »

Jul 10, 2010 // Abbey Tootle for Sundaram Design


Some of the best ideas come to us in unexpected places. Consider Doc Brown. Yes, that Doc Brown from Back to the Future 🙂 He invented the Flux Capacitor after hitting his head on the toilet. But if Doc had just filed that idea away, or told himself it wasn’t possible, we never would have… read more »

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