Jan 28, 2011 // Andrea Leptinsky for Community Impact Newspaper // View Original Article

New venture offers ‘pub on wheels’

One of Austin’s newest mobile entertainment operations is bringing recreation, socializing, and food and drink into one outfit that rarely stands still.
PubCrawler of Austin, launched in 2010, fits up to 10 passengers who help pedal the bicycle-type vehicle down Austin streets, moving up to a speed of 5 miles per hour. Two other passengers also take up space—the bartender who dispenses beer or wine and the company-designated driver.

Riders of the PubCrawler can choose from one of six routes throughout Austin. Each route is anywhere from two to five hours long and includes a University of Texas tailgating route, a Capitol route and another route that travels through the downtown entertainment district.

The company is the brainchild of Jennifer Elliott, who witnessed the “pub on wheels” concept first-hand when she traveled to Minneapolis and saw it for herself. Thinking it would be the perfect fit for Austin, she and friends Billy and Robin Lund partnered to bring the idea to Texas.

“I think Austin treasures things that are different and unique, and I think this is absolutely that,” Elliott said. “It offers people something that is very different and very fun and it allows to bring people together.”

The PubCrawler is available to rent for $160 an hour Sunday through Thursday, and for $190 an hour on Friday and Saturday. The company also provides a HumpDay pub crawl that costs $35 a person. Patrons are responsible for bringing their own alcohol, which is limited to only kegs, canned beer and boxed wine.

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