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Pub Crawler of Austin

Keep Austin Weird! How many times have we seen this slogan on signs, in windows on bumpers?

I don’t know if I believe that Austin truly IS weird or just uniquely charming. But the Pub Crawler of Austin fits the bill, either way!

A few weeks ago, I was driving down Sixth Street with my mother, Ruth Brown when we saw some “thing” in the road in front of us. It looked like a trolley car that crashed into a bike shop and kept on going. What on earth was it?

As we got closer we saw ten people peddling as if their lives depended on it (and with Austin drivers…they might not have been wrong). They were having a blast! I mean, can it possibly THAT much fun, peddling down the street…in July? We had to try it for ourselves! So on August 7th, a small group of my friends and I gave it a try.

We packed up some canned beer, boxed wine, bottled water, ice and snacks. One of the Pub Crawler’s owners, Billy Lund, met us at the Morningstar Mini-Storage on 5th Street, the starting point of the tour. He quickly prepped us for the ride, explaining Austin’s open container rules and how we, the peddlers, were to signal to the cars driving around us if we needed to turn or stop. Hmm…yeah…that might be a good idea to know how to tell the speeder barreling down on us to STOP!

After our navigation briefing, we were ready to go! As we began to peddle, we began to laugh. And laugh. And laugh! It was just the most funny and fun thing I’ve ever done. At least it was when we peddled out of the storage facility and onto Fifth Street heading east. Then we hit our first incline. Suddenly not so much fun…but still quite funny. Particularly the looks on people’s faces as we passed them as they walked along the street or as they drove past us in their cars. Many of them stopped to take pictures of us. And the whole time we were laughing and laughing…and sweating. Hey, it’s August in Austin! We even had a few cyclists peddle up to us, begging us to throw them a beer. Which, of course, we did not do. Refer back to the “it’s August in Austin” comment…we needed those beers for ourselves!

The tour has several different routes to choose from and the tour time is anywhere from two to four hours. We opted for a quick trip up Fifth and then a return down Sixth. Along the way there are some spots to stop and take a break. I have to admit, we all pooped out at our first stop (insert the ”I’m out-of-shape” embarrassment here for all of us involved).

We finally peddled back into the storage unit parking lot after a mere two hour trip, exhausted but quite happy with the adventure! The next day, however, my legs did let me know that they were not happy with me. But, oh my, it was worth every single peddle! I can’t wait to go back and try it again in the fall when it’s not so hot.

The Pub Crawler of Austin is simply perfect for our beloved city! It’s entertaining, outdoorsy, fitness oriented…and…okay…it’s weird!

So if you want to “Help Keep Austin Weird”, hop onto the Pub Crawler’s website and make a reservation for you and your friends. You will have an amazing adventure.

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