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PubCrawlers pedal through Austin

The newest mobile unit on Austin’s food and drink scene isn’t a trailer. It’s more like a beer-powered streetcar – a pub-on-wheels, if you will.

PubCrawler, which started plying the city’s streets in mid-July, isn’t literally powered by beer, but rather by the pedaling of 10 beer-drinking (or wine-sipping) passengers. They’re served by another passenger – the designated bartender – who pours from a tap in the center. But wait – who’s steering this thing? That would be a driver who works for the company.

It’s basically an open-air private party on wheels. Top speed is about 5 mph.

Sound like fun? You get a group of 10 to 16 together, pony up the fee ($190 per hour on Friday or Saturday; $160 per hour during the week), supply a keg of your favorite brew or a box of wine (no bottles and no hard alcohol allowed), and you’re good to go.

Sound like too much of a commitment? If it’s Wednesday, you can jump on the Hump Day Pub Crawl: $35 gets you a seat, and it’s BYOB (in a can!).

The PubCrawler follows one of six routes (each from two to five hours long), including the downtown entertainment district, the Capitol or, for football fans, a University of Texas tailgating route.

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