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Some of the best ideas come to us in unexpected places. Consider Doc Brown. Yes, that Doc Brown from Back to the Future 🙂 He invented the Flux Capacitor after hitting his head on the toilet. But if Doc had just filed that idea away, or told himself it wasn’t possible, we never would have seen Marty McFly travel through time in a DeLorean. Think of all the entertainment we would have missed.

One of Sundaram’s newest clients had a similar Doc Brown experience (although we’re pretty sure no toilets were involved). PubCrawler of Austin was born after co-owner Jennifer Elliott visited Minneapolis on a business trip. The conference she attended rented three Pedal Pubs and toured around downtown Minneapolis. Jennifer immediately knew this concept would be a smashing success in Texas. She returned to the Lone Star State and called up her friends, Billy & Robin Lund, who also loved the idea. Fasten your seatbelt, Marty McFly, this idea is about to take off!

After countless hours of research, permitting, route planning, and coordinating with Fietscafe, the manufacturer in the Netherlands, PubCrawler of Austin began running tours in Downtown Austin this month. And it’s a blast!

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of pedaling the Capitol Route with the PubCrawler crew and a bunch of new friends. I worked up a sweat on a few rolling hills, but most of the ride I sipped frosty cold beverages (the bike is BYOB) and enjoyed the people and scenery of downtown Austin. We jammed to tunes on our iPod, and along the way stopped at places like the Tiniest Bar, Mean Eyed Cat and J. Blacks. (You can visit different bars depending on the route your group chooses.) The laid back, feel-good vibe of this bike built for 16 is a perfect fit for Austin. And even better, PubCrawler offers us a motivating example of friends working hard to turn an idea into reality.

All too often, good ideas stay on the shelf because we tell ourselves “No, that won’t work” before we even get started. But the PubCrawler team let possibility thinking take over and look where they are today – launching a business that’s potentially the next big thing in Austin. Listen up for PubCrawler’s signature bell in downtown Austin signaling fun times are in progress. Ring-a-ding-ding!

Great Scott, that’s inspiring!

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